From Nathaniel Tann

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While others spent their childhood playing and speaking, Nathaniel spent his singing, composing, and shouting out endless amounts of original songs. Nathaniel has been playing, singing and entertaining throughout his childhood, and began writing and composing since he learned to talk. He has also been recording his own songs as early as middle school. Drawing from eclectic influences such as Damien Rice, Elliot Smith, Mumford & Sons, Pink Floyd, and Oasis; the result is a singer-songwriter with a rather unusual blend of an alternative sensibility, and strong acoustic folk roots. With haunting lows and soaring highs, Nathaniel prides himself as a Do-It-Yourself musician and producer, and has composed and recorded all his original works completely by himself. In addition to playing the guitar, he plays the piano, and is a self-taught bassist, vocalist, and percussionist. Latest album, "Together in the Rain" is available here, or from iTunes, or free streaming on Spotify.