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Nathan Angelo's fourth full-length album A Matter of Time (Aug 2017) reflects his journey through the life-altering experiences of becoming a father and facing his daughter’s rare, life-threatening metabolic disease. His daughter received a liver transplant in Fall 2016, and Angelo’s latest release wrestles with the aches of adversity and ultimately celebrates the beauty of life and the hope he has for his daughter. A Matter of Time will be released on August 18 and is now available for pre-order on his website ( or iTunes.

This sampler includes two songs from Nathan's upcoming album A Matter of Time and four songs from previous projects.

1. Beautiful World (A Matter of Time, 2017)

2. Spread a Little Happiness (A Matter of Time, 2017)

3. You Could Be My Girl (Out of the Blue, 2013)

4. Dancin Through the Rain (Carolina EP, 2015)

5. Song for a Friend (These Ol Keys EP, 2009)

6. Rocket Man (Live at Smith's Olde Bar, 2015)