From My Brothers And I

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Live Sessions is the band's debut EP full of infectious rhythms and grooves; it's highlighted by David Wurgler's stunningly smooth vocal performance that will leave the listener begging for a full-length album.

"As avid listeners of music, we were tired of going to shows and having the bands not live up to their recorded sound." Erik Wurgler, bass and vocals, explains the vision behind the band's Live Sessions. "Nothing is more disappointing than spending money to see a band that's not good live, so we did something about it."

MB&I members, brothers and childhood friends, have been playing long before their debut release. Functioning in one form or another the brothers have been writing, playing, and performing since 2002.

"We left no room for people to ask 'I wonder if they will be good live?' when heading to our shows. Our fans know what they are going to get... And won't be disappointed."

Scott, Erik, and David Wurgler grew up listening to their father's vinyl records of Rare Earth and Grand Funk Railroad. Being raised in the house of a choir teacher helped the brothers develop a stong choral and vocal jazz foundation. This is evident when one hears Erik and David's harmonies. Currently the band listens to Allen Stone, The Roots and everything in between.