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In 2005 around Christmas-time, I released "Halogen-Live At The Stonehorse Lounge." There are, essentially, 6 songs on that disc, two of which had previously gone unreleased. Listen to it all the way through, and I imagine (if you're familiar with Live Albums) you'll find a few familiar references. Then in 2007 came "Chrysalis Years." This was the first (and only, to date) album I've ever done with "Proper" packaging and album art. It also contains my first truly secular songs ("Excuse Me," a love song for my beautiful wife, Juli Ann; and "The Beige Life," The opening to what was supposed to be a brilliant Tommy-esque concept LP) my first attempt at Dance music ("I Lay It Down") and the first musician outside my family to appear on one of my recordings (Meaux Henry sings BGV on "Heed.") Enjoy this free download, and please tip via Paypal.