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This song was generously funded by Cody Hergott and Renovatus, Inc.

Produced with Jonathan Class and Jason Barrows at The Varsity Recording Co.

Electric Guitars: Alex Milvert and Jason Barrows

Bass: Jason Barrows

Drums: Lorin Lemme

Cello: Melissa Morrow

Acoustic Guitars: Nick Morrow

Vocals: Nick Morrow, Jonathan Class

Group vocals: Angie Smith, Melissa Nees Hauger, Jamie Hergott, Melissa Morrow, Eric Church, Jonah Fields, Stefanie Huffman, James Young, Jeanette Logan, Daniel Martin, Elizabeth Kurth, Alex Milvert, Tucker Krajewski, Sonny Griffith, Carrie Joslin, LJ Aucker, Kathryn Aucker.

Album artwork by Andy J. Miller of Creative Pep Talk.

Music video filmed by Brenton Oechsle, edited by Jacob Hyten, and starring Joe Garner.

All thanks and praise to God, from Whom all blessings and good things flow. Let us make much of the King of Kings and reflect His goodness to the world!