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Attention NYC Real Estate Agents: Earn the best agent commission split in NYC. Visit to learn more.

Are you tired of giving away 50 to 75% of your hard earned commission to your managing broker? Have you looked for a new brokerage with a higher commission split only to find that they have all sorts of hidden charges like desk, technology and insurance fees?

Agents looking for the best real estate agent commission split brokerage in NYC should look no further than Mont Sky Real Estate.

At Mont Sky Real Estate we believe in a different type of broker agent relationship. We are the only real estate brokerage in New York City which offers its agents commission splits up to 100% in addition to free buyer and seller leads.

In NYC, where the median sale price is north of 1.5 million dollars, each lead we offer to you gives you the opportunity to earn a direct commission as well as earn future business from the referrals generated by these clients.

But that’s not the only way we help grow your NYC real estate agent career. Agents who join Mont Sky Real Estate also benefit from personalized, hands on training as well as best in class agent tools and technology. Whether you are an experienced NYC agent or just beginning your career, Mont Sky Real Estate offers you individualized training designed to grow your skills, personal brand and overall business.

Mont Sky Agents also benefit from industry leading tools and technology which give you an advantage over other NYC agents. Mont Sky agents are provided with a completely ‘mobile’ office solution so that they may conduct their business around the clock without having to step into an office.

Ready to earn the best agent commission split in NYC and get free leads? Visit to learn more.