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Juno-nominated producer/engineer for artists like Michael Jackson, Celine Dion and Lenka, Stuart Brawley was a dream come true for Mindy when after hearing her music, he said "yes" to producing her album. With Stuart on board, songs in hand, and cat-eye glasses in place, Mindy ventured to North Hollywood to dive into the recording process. In the studio she was joined by talented artists like Jamie Wollam, the current drummer on tour with Tears for Fears and Joe Corcoran, who has engineered for The Dave Matthews Band and Lenka. Of the recording, Stuart later said, "With Mindy, it was spontaneous, instinctual. It was apparent that we were all on the same page from the moment we started and within a day we knew we were at the beginning of making an awesome record." The result? Anchor: a bubbly CD with undeniably catchy tunes. Laced with color, charm, and vintage flair, Anchor reminds that life is sweet and full of wonder.