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Miles "music man" Tackett's very own remix of his tune "Everything" full of Dub echoed trip outs & drum drops galore ala Francois Kevorkian's 1980s rock remix edits & late 80s hip hop dub mixes.

"There is no right way to write or record a song & sometimes capturing it can be elusive as a dream. Three very different versions of "Everything" were recorded till the album version finally came around so I figured why not go for one more in a remix style".

Find the OG version of "everything" the full length album "The Fool Who Wonders" at MILESTACKETT.COM

Vinyl 7 inch version of "Everything" (on the sly remix)/ "Just what I need" coming soon

written by Miles

All instruments by Miles except drums by Jake Najor

remix engineered by Steve Kaye at Sun King Studios

The Fool Who Wonders, is a soulful collection of original, guitar-centric songs available July 8th on Rootdown LA Records. As founder/leader of the Breakestra, Tackett has been busy writing, producing, and performing the funk and soul-jazz sounds that have shaped the Los Angeles underground funk scene for over a decade. On his new solo release, recorded on analog tape at New Tilt Studio in Los Angeles, Tackett’s master skills as a songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, producer, and engineer are at the forefront as he warmly weaves together blues, jazz, and psychedelic rock with the funky soul sounds he is known for.

Not as well known is his background growing up in the Santa Monica mountains of Topanga Canyon where he was surrounded by a colorful cast of actors, artists & musicians like the band Little Feat who his father Multi-instrumentalist Fred Tackett is a life long member of. Though he now lives on the eastside of L.A. the Canyon still calls his name as his ode "out in the canyon" attests. Another canyon recalled is Laurel Canyon in Miles' new psych-soul take on David Crosby's Byrds era "everybody's been burned".