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Mike is currently working on his next album project "Everything for Good" with an expected release in the fall of 2018. As a thank you to so many supporters we are offering the first three songs for this new album free through Noisetrade, including the title track "Everything For Good"! Based on the bible encouragements from Romans 8 and Jeremiah 29:11, this song is a reflection of the hope we have in Christ, even in times when our plans have been smashed a thousand ways. Because he lives, I too will live!

This early release also includes the singles, "A Mighty Fortress (For the Ages)", a take on the well known hymn with musical genres that shift with each verse and, "In the Waiting (O Come Emmanuel)", a reflective prayer added to the traditional Advent hymn that captures the longing of the hymn lyrics, recorded in a musical style reminiscent of Trans Siberian Orchestra. If you would like to be part of supporting this effort please leave a tip of whatever level you would like.


"Everything for Good" Romans 8:28, Jeremiah 29:11

1. When I think about the paths that we have walked

The hardest days, the longest nights

I’ve been amazed to see the ways you’ve brought us through

With faith that sees, when there’s no light


You are the God who loves

And You are the God who saves

You are the God who works

Everything for good, for those who trust in you Jesus

2. I am sitting in the ashes of my dreams

The hopes I had, have all but died

Barely holding onto words that you have said

Your plans for me, of hope and life



And we know that for all time you will never leave

You work all things for our Good in light of eternity

3. Through it all I walk by faith and not by sight

Even when, I can’t understand

The Grace of God redeems the ruins of my life

I overcome, on this Rock I stand