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I set out with the intention to create a CD project that would capture some of the important stories and songs I have written and sung about as an artist over the past several years and to do it in a more acoustic arrangement. The idea of “Color Through the Gray” was actually born out of a lyric in a song by Chris Rice called “Deep Enough to Dream”. The thought was a reflection of the Christian life I’d like to have and the life I sometimes seemed to be stuck in. The boxes the world puts us into, the limits we put on ourselves, the burning desire to let God open us up, and paint the picture of our lives in vibrant colors that only heaven can see. A canvas without borders, to watch God uncover the brushes… what would his painting of our life look like? If only we could let go of ourselves and let God paint with the colors we’re sometimes desperate to see, especially in the difficult moments when life leaves us in the gray? This project wound up taking on that theme of encouragement for the wounded and the joy and peace that comes through God’s love. Songs and music for those living in full color as well as those who are looking for “ the rainbow through the cloud that fills my sky”. It’s my prayer that, in some way, these songs are a blessing to you. Keep Climbing in Christ - See more at: