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Even their name, MIDDLESPOON, is meant to challenge the status quo. The Austin duo makes infectious dance music about modern social issues. Frontman Alexander Beats finds clever ways to address issues like gender roles and feminism, while showcasing an impressive vocal range, drawing influence from artists like Sam Cooke and Erykah Badu. Producer Jinx McGee creates tastefully refined dance music. Before producing music for a number of other artists, McGee spent eight years touring as a lead guitarist. His seamless production and Beats' soulful vocals are the cornerstones of MIDDLESPOON's signature sound.

Together, Beats and McGee have created their own fun and sexy sound and look. Fashion plays an important role in the duo, who share a healthy obsession with drag culture. Their colorful and progressive wardrobe reflects their funky and captivating sound. MIDDLESPOON is the perfect soundtrack to this summer's hottest pool party. LightningBug is out August 4th on Banana Pop Records.