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"Michael doesn't have one, but 2 of the Top 10 Records of 2016"—Karen Miller -BBC

"The Best Album I've heard in years"—Mike Morrison - American Roots UK

“Blending poignant observations with captivating imagery, McDermott again cements his status as one of the great songwriters of his generation.”—Roots Music Report

“Willow Springs is an album to savour, one to admire and one that salutes the human heart for all its frailties, faults and fervour.”—Lonesome Highway “…today he has recorded the kind of collection that sounds like it will live forever. There is a depth of life that runs through songs like "These Last Few Days," "Half-Empty Kinda Guy," and "What Dreams May Come" that is so rarely heard now it's like they've disappeared.”—Bentley’s Bandstand / The Morton Report

“With Dylanesque vocals and writing that can have him following in Loudon Wainwright’s footsteps forever, this is a real contemporary folkie set that hit’s the target and slays all the pretenders. Hot stuff that acoustic singer/songwriter fans will utterly flip for.” —Midwest Record