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MICHAEL McCARTY PRODUCTIONS AND THE HOME OF ATOMIC FOOT RECORDS Composer / Audio Engineer / Mixer / Producer / Singer/Songwriter / Voice-Over Actor Michael McCarty's Music Library was recently signed to Paramount Pictures/CBS Television So listen for his music on CBS T.V. Shows Listen for his music on the new release of "Beverly Hills 90210" & "Melrose Place" ON DVD! IN STORES NOW! Michael is "ED WOOD's" stepson & has original, as yet, unproduced scripts available! "THE GHOUL GOES WEST" & "DEAD MAN'S HAND" Composer Artist / Singer / Songwriter Michael was signed to ABC Records by Jay Lasker, and recorded The album "Shallow Water" produced by: Michael O'Martian---ABC RECORDS. The album "In A Minute, I'm Watching TV" produced by: Michael McCarty ATOMIC FOOT RECORDS (also available on iTunes) The album "VOICES" produced by: Gary Brandt---Earth Island Records for more go to website: