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Provo, UT based Folk/Rock group Michael Barrow & The Tourists released their debut album, Juneau, on May 12, 2017. The album was mixed and mastered by Chicago native Brian Zieske, who produced the breakthrough records for both The Hush Sound and The Academy Is... in the early 2000's.

The band has sold out local venues, most notably the acclaimed Velour Live Music Gallery, where bands like The Aces, Imagine Dragons, The Moth & The Flame, and Neon Trees got their start. Michael Barrow & The Tourists have been praised for their soulful lead vocals, smooth electric guitar solos, and tight live performance. 

The group released the Santa Barbara Sessions EP in 2018. The song "All I'll See Is You" received widespread placement on acoustic and indie folk playlists. The band is currently in the studio recording new material, with producer Brian Zieske returning. 

Michael Barrow & The Tourists is Michael Barrow (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Mark Lanham (Lead Guitar), Alessandro Improta (Bass), Reed Perkins (Drums), and Zach Collier (Keys).