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True love songs never go out of style...and with the most sincere conviction of the heart "I Give My Love To You" brings the old school flavor back with a whole lot of soul, and that's still in style with lovers today.

With natural soft harmonies and a prolific female lead singer, the Soul/R&B group “All For Love” came together in New York City during the early 1990’s. The original founding members of the group (Len Pringle Sr. and Rose Charles) began in an earlier version of the group called “Inner vision” during the 1970’s with Len’s childhood friend and lead singer Paul Shivers from New York City's Taft Projects .

The group was subsequently offered a record deal in 1972 with the notable New York record producer Paul Winley, to record on his Harlem based “Paul Winely Records”; but they decided to wait and further develop their skills in the music industry. While awaiting new opportunities the group disbanded, with Rose, continuing to perform locally and pursuing a degree, Len moved to Dayton, Ohio, formed a funk band (The Innerstate Five) while at the University of Dayton; and Paul sang with various local groups in and around the borough of Brooklyn, in New York City.As time went on, Rose kept singing and Len moved to the Los Angeles to learn more about the music business and founded Mello City Records Group in 1986. Around this time Glen, was singing and also working on a pro basketball career in the Bay area. (Glen sadly departed this life in 2013)

In 1989, Len relocated to the East coast met Glen and regrouped with Rose, they began singing again and the group “All For Love” was born.With the release of their first single “I Give My Love To you”; they are once again approaching the pinnacle of many efforts of a group that has struggled for decades to finally be heard. The year 2010 was their time to reach out to the world through their music.

The romantic ballad was written, arranged and produced by Len, with music co-composed by Ron Spates. It was released by the indie record label Mello City Records, and although the song has just now surfaced, in a sea of diverse “musical favors” on the airwaves; it dates back to the 60’s and 70’s when the music had a message of uncompromised love in it.With the use of Rose’s melodic lead vocals mixed with Glen and Len’s soft weaving background blend; it beautifully highlights the song and conveys the committed message of love exquisitely. Their long awaited Max-Single “I Give My Love To You” is finally here and Mello City Records is proud to present: Rose Charles, Glen Alston and Len Pringle Sr…….”All For Love”.