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Mello City Records was created and founded by Len Pringle Sr., back in 1986 in Los Angeles, California. Len along with his friend Ron Spates began working on various musical projects throughout the 1980's. Mr. Spates departed this world in 1993. His musical contributions via the piano, was a part of the original Mello City sound and genesis.

After graduating from the University of Dayton (76'); Len was a founding member, producer & manager of a local Dayton, Ohio R&B/Funk band called... The Inner State 5 Band”. The band played locally at clubs in and around the Gem City till the latter part of 70's.

During the early 80's while in California, he wrote for, produced & managed R&B vocalist...”Helene” via Len Pringle Productions Co...where she appeared in and around various L.A. and Beverly Hills Clubs. After Ron's death, Len forged on and moved the company to the East coast and started producing local artists in N.Y.C. He went on to produced and released the record single: “Shoulda Never Let Him Taste It” on his Mello City Records label during the early 90's featuring the talented vocalist “Trinetta Reid” in conjunction with the famed “Harlem Week Celebration” in New York City.

During that same period, he also wrote/produced and arranged the song: “I Give My Love to You” recorded by his retro R&B group “All For Love” via his Mello City Records label as well. Later in 2005, Len return to Southern California and Mello City Records was relocated to the Los Angeles area once again.

Beginning in 2009, the Mello City organization stepped into the “digital world” and was up and running on-line distributing its catalog of recorded sound globally. For the past seven years, Len has worked as a “co-producer and writer” with former Motown writer/ producer “Troy Laws” through his Windswept Orchestra Records Group, based out of Las Vegas, Nevada; of which they have produced & released one album and six record singles globally to date.

Additionally, Mr. Pringle has worked for the past thirty (30) years as a music industry “Legal Consultant”, specializing in the fields of entertainment law: music publishing, contract preparation and artist negotiations. He has alined himself with numerous recording artists from New York City to Los Angeles via his recorded sound-production/creative rights management firm Mello City Record Partners.

A recording artist in his own right, he currently has a Electronic/Jazz Music ”EP” out under the stage name “Sovereign1Groove” entitled: “On the Groove Train (Tonight)” on Anchalen Int'l. Records (div. of Mello City Record Partners) which was released in mid January 2015.

Mello City Records Partners has been creating great music since 1986 and continues as a “digital content deliver” of recorded sound...well into the dawn of the 21st Century. The company is now strategically based out of historic Dayton, Ohio..the birth place of “Classic Funk and R&B” music.