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Matt Pond has already accomplished what few rarely do. A career musician with a die-hard following that continues to grow with each album, and a resume that includes the title song for a motion picture soundtrack, a long running Starbucks holiday commercial with a hook that's always stuck in our heads, selling over 100,000 albums to date, slots on the major festivals, and an upcoming tour with Jimmy Eat World; his success is matched only by his prolific outpouring of talent. "This is gnomicly titled Threeep. Chris Hansen and I conceptualized and wrote music about a world where everything makes sense and fits together perfectly. Three sets of three songs, with the artwork creating a perfect square.  It was originally intended to be released as series of seven inch singles. I can't say why it never came out. I am not a snitch. But when the going gets tough, the tough release their music for free."