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Matt Littlejohn Band, based out of Clanton Al, officially formed in the summer of 2011. The music and worship scene is very familiar to each member of the band, as they each lead worship weekly. Matt has held the position of Worship Pastor at his local church, Lomax Assembly, for over ten years. Throughout his life, Matt has always been eager to express his heart for worshiping God by writing songs. He feels a deep desire to see their songs, which are birthed out of private worship, turn into songs that reach and inspire people with the hope of the Gospel.

“Serving as a Worship Pastor has allowed me to lead and build relationships with people who share the same love for worship and music as I do,” says Matt. After years of traveling to local churches and summer camps, Matt, Jason, Ditt, and Wes were challenged to begin the process of making their music public. In the fall of 2011, they recorded their first EP entitled “Greater Is He.” This EP is a collection of 5 songs written and produced by the band. Their latest project, “You Are Strong” is set to be released by early March. This collection of 4 original songs was recorded and produced by Jason Hoard at Black Cat Studios in Griffin GA. “We’re so excited to be able to release these new songs. Our prayer for this project is for God to be glorified and His Church to be encouraged,” says Matt.

“Our desire as a band is to simply make Jesus known. Through these songs of worship, we believe that can and will happen. We want to challenge ourselves and encourage others to become the worshipers that God wants us to be. We love Jesus. We love music. And we love to share both!”