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Let me tell you how I ended up with a solid 10 whole bonus tracks on one album. Nobody ever has TEN bonus tracks on an album! It'll be quite a story though, so buckle up.

Making the official "Shadowlands" album was a crazy adventure. Some of you know part of the story. I had been thinking about releasing it in March of 2014, but then I signed to Dröm and began finalizing the album to release through them. One of the label A&R guys wrote out some criticisms/reviews for each song on that original "Shadowlands" album. The songs were all good songs, by most people's standards. But they weren't what would REALLY get me somewhere. They were a little too random in structure and such, and some were too long. It's not that they were bad songs, just didn't quite fit with the overall feel of the album. The songwriting was a little bit loose. So I took his criticisms to heart and scrapped about half of that original draft of the album and made new songs. And I re-arranged the structure of the songs that remained and ended up with what I think is BY FAR the most solid end product I've ever produced (the official "Shadowlands album). But what happened to those scrapped tracks? Well, here they are. And if you think they're gonna be just the awful songs that were scrapped for a reason.....that's not really true. They're still great, but not as awesome as the ones that got on the official album....but still good! You can judge for yourself! Some of these tracks are oldies that have been Re-Vamped, and some are totally new! My favorite on this album is the quiet and reflective "Story of a Boy". It's just so feely. I hope you like this album, and I will quit with the endless writing. Enjoy, my friends, and be sure to check out the full album on iTunes in the link below!