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This worship song is about the glorified Christ as a conquering King, invincibly protecting and redeeming His people, while vanquishing the forces of evil who oppose Him and frankly don’t stand a chance.

I had a couple goals with this song.

First, it grew out of wanting write about Christ from both an Old and New Testament perspective. This is something that is so important and also so misunderstood and ignored in modern American Christianity. If it weren’t for the White Horse Inn (, I might never have come to understand and appreciate all the ways in which Christ is the fulfillment of the entire Old Testament. As Jesus tells His opponents, the Pharisees, in John 5:39: “You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me.” By the way, Jesus is calling the Old Testament scriptures here; the New Testament had not been written quite yet. I guess you couldn’t have called it the Old Testament at that time – it was the only Testament.

I zeroed in on the concept of Zion, I think while reading Psalm 48. Zion is used to refer sometimes to the city of Jerusalem, the city of God’s people. Sometimes the temple mount is called mount Zion. It generally refers to a place where God is present with His people. The concept appears often in the Psalms, Prophets, and elsewhere in the OT. But of course, the NT has plenty to say about it, too.

Second, while I enjoy a lot of modern day worship music, I’m not a fan of “Jesus is my boyfriend” music. I wanted to write something that is theologically rich, in the spirit of hymns of yesteryear. While I’m not inherently opposed to copious hallelujahs in a song, I get uneasy when I can’t tell which god from which religion the song is about. This song is essentially a distillation of some of my favorite Old and New Testament passages about Christ. I need those passages. I need them when I battle my own doubts, struggles, and fears. I need the gospel message about a King that is irrevocably committed to my salvation in spite of my own trespasses and treason. In worship, I feel that biblical truth should lead to exultation and praise.

Third, I have never heard any heavy metal worship music before. Indelible Grace is excellent for bringing attention to great theological worship from the past, and they make wonderful music. But it’s not metal. For this song, which is about a triumphant cosmic King, I am convicted in my spirit that heavy metal is the correct stylistic choice. That being said, I understand that heavy metal is an acquired taste. If something like Gungor or Chris Tomlin is more your speed, I made a different, toned-down version called the “Types and Shadows” version.

I'm not a professional musician. This recording is a certainly a DIY project. Not the most polished thing you'll hear. The tempo is off sometimes, or the pitches may not be 100% there. But all the same, here's what I got. Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy it!