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Released in 2009, Dirt Town City Limits brings the Americana / Folk songwriting of songwriter Mathew DeRiso to life with band mates Jeff Deignan and Kurt Mullins aka the Profane Saints. The band merges blues, rock, folk, rockabilly and country into a roots rock sound they call Hard Luck Americana.

"I have been in and around music, and the business of music, since the early 1970s. In all of that time I have heard a lot of bad music, a lot of good music, but very little GREAT music. This is GREAT music; well written, well played, solidly produced.

"Dirt Town City Limits" is, from beginning to end, the finest example of Americana Rockabilly I have ever heard. I listen to it almost daily, and hear something new every time. It stacks up with Haggard, Cash, Elvis, and kicks the liver out of most major label attempts in this genre" - Jim Pipkin