From Maryen Cairns

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Musicians and writers like Maryen Cairns continue to evolve creatively after their twenties have passed, seeking a deeper exploration into their psyche. Her maturity has enabled her to re-emerge with diversity, fearlessly exploring genres and textures, writing and performing from her authentic heart and real life experience.

Although to the general public Maryen is a new face, she has worked for many years on her craft, which has taken her both across Australia and around the world. Based in London for a decade working with world class musicians, raising a family on an off-the-grid mountaintop in South East Queensland, working with children in remote communities in Western Australia helping them write their own stories into song, writing a show telling the stories of Australian women and taking it on the road with her own family in a caravan covering 18,000 km, and all the time writing writing writing, with a fascination for both the imagined, the deep spiritual world and very real history (which often proves stranger than fiction), Maryen has continued to develop as a singer and songwriter, as evidenced in her new album COME TO ME.