From Marty O'Reilly & the Old Soul Orchestra

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Everybody seems to be discovering Marty O’Reilly & the Old Soul Orchestra at the same time. It only takes seeing them perform a single song to understand why – this band has achieved amazing results from years of hard work and carefully planned stagecraft. Their music commands attention and their presence on stage maintains it. Even at this relatively early stage in their career the band brings audience members back again and again, sometimes driving for hours for a chance to see another show, and almost always bringing a new convert along for the ride.

O’Reilly began performing in front of audiences around San Francisco with violinist Chris Lynch in 2012. Over time, the two evolved to include Ben Berry on standup bass and Matt Goff on drums. The chemistry between the four-piece is vividly apparent onstage as they warp the boundaries of blues and Americana into their own genre-defying sound. The band can switch suddenly from raucously loud to achingly delicate, with O’Reilly’s stark and iconic voice tying the group together as Lynch’s cinematic melodies drift through each song. In the words of NPR Music, they are a “band true to its name: soulful."

The band has toured and performed relentlessly over the past 3 years, traveling from their backyard of Northern California’s Bay Area to cities as close and as far away as Seattle, New Orleans, London and Berlin. No matter what city they play in, and even as their crowds continue to grow, their shows never lose the sense of intimacy you’d expect to find in a band’s hometown.

Marty O’Reilly & the Old Soul Orchestra’s latest studio effort is the result of the past few years of the band’s life, traveling around the world and growing as individuals. It marks a departure from the band’s adolescent Americana roots into music that is more nuanced, challenging, and deeply rewarding. The band has grown, and it can be heard everywhere: in Marty’s voice, in the lyrical content, in the arrangements, and in the musicianship. This album will be one that listeners can come back to again and again, taking away something different each time.