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We are raised in preparation for “someday”.

Someday we’ll take our first steps. Someday we’ll get lost driving home. Someday we’ll meet our very best friend in the whole world and someday we’ll lose those closest to us. Before you know it, these little “somedays” are yesterdays and last weeks and last summers that have simply come and gone before you could process they were even happening.

Perhaps the biggest someday in our young lives is moving out and moving on to form stories of our own. The transition from high school to college is undoubtedly the biggest change we have experienced thus far. We move to a new place where we embark on new adventures with new people by our sides. We try everything. We succeed. We fail. We learn with each step and grow in ways we never knew were possible.

Today Tomorrow Someday is an EP of 5 original songs that chronicle different chapters throughout my past year of change. From happiness to homesickness to holding certain memories close, each song shares stories of the turns of time through melody and rhyme.

They say timing is everything, but I don't think perfect timing exists. It's about how we react to the change we never saw coming, the change that makes, breaks, and recreates us. Whether it's today or tomorrow, someday is never as far off as we may think.