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‘My music displays who I am as a person, my deepest feelings and thoughts. It is my diary.’ Maria Elena writes music just like she listens to it, without much thought about genre. What is important are the emotions the lyric and melody convey, with the musical production choices being based upon whatever best conveys that particular emotion. Her musical style incorporates elements of indie, pop, folk and a hint of country, all with Maria Elena’s signature phrasing and lyrical style.

Maria Elena’s songs capture the imagination, and leave the listener humming tunes filled with vivid images and heartfelt themes that and are at once deeply personal and highly relatable.” Michael Ludwick – Near West Group

'M.E.' is a collection of Maria Elena's first singles, mostly written when she was 14 or 15. 'M.E.' is her family nickname (pronounced like the letters 'm' and 'e' from her initials.' She was exploring different sounds to express her different emotions as a young teenager, so the name has a double meaning, her initials can also be read as the object pronoun 'me'. Maria Elena recorded these songs in her father's apartment in Guangzhou, China and worked remotely with producers Matthew Tryba (Assistant on Taylor Smith’s 1989 album) of Denver and Jared Anderson of Nashville.