From Maria Elena Little

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‘My music displays who I am as a person, my deepest feelings and thoughts. It is my diary.’ Maria Elena writes music just like she listens to it, without much thought about genre. What is important are the emotions the lyric and melody convey, with the musical production choices being based upon whatever best conveys that particular emotion. Her musical style incorporates elements of indie, pop, folk and a hint of country, all with Maria Elena’s signature phrasing and lyrical style.

"Maria Elena’s songs capture the imagination, and leave the listener humming tunes filled with vivid images and heartfelt themes that and are at once deeply personal and highly relatable.” Michael Ludwick – Near West Group

Maria Elena released six singles in 2017 and received radio play in the US, Israel and Mexico. Her first Latin song ‘La Verdad’ was selected as #32 of the best songs of 2017 on Gritar Radio in Mexico City. Her songs were produced by Matthew Tryba, of Denver who has worked with Taylor Swift, One Republic and Ariana Grande and Jared Anderson of Evergreen Studios in Nashville. Maria Elena has faced quite a challenge in initiating her music career as due to her parent’s work, she only spends summers in the US, having lived 5 years in The Netherlands and the past 10 years in Guangzhou, China. Maria Elena has been gigging and playing to large audiences in Guangzhou for the past two years. Her mother is Ecuadorian and her father is American so she grew up bilingual in Spanish and English and speaks quite a lot of Chinese.