From Maggie Rains

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Maggie Rains is an accomplished vocalist that brings to life a new blend of blues, jazz and rock to make the components of her new EP Anathallo shine for the masses. A native of Colorado, Maggie blends a soulful and rich sound to reflect the lands she calls home. She is an accomplished singer that earned a BA in performance from Adam's State University where she began her recording career as an a cappella trio.

Maggie relocated to NYC in 2003 where she studied with renowned vocal instructor Neil Semer and performed with Paul Fairall. She also hosted a radio show for NPR and had a coveted residency at Tangine with legendary guitarist Jaques Monique.

Recently partnering with Austin based production company Invengo Productions, she recorded and released her first solo holiday album 'Bows and Paper' which received airtime in several countries as well as numerous accolades and support from web based podcasts.

After the warm reception of the solo EP, Maggie decided to embark on a creative journey with Invengo producer again highlighting her raw power and sheer passion of voice with the EP 'Anathallo' which in Greek means 'revival'. The collaboration led them to discovering aged rhythm and blues compositions that were mostly packaged up in slow jazz format and giving them a rock alternative twist as to re-introduce them into today's market. This is proof that her unwavering passion for music successfully connects classics with a contemporary audience.

The success of 'Anathallo' led her to make a live performance tour of America in 2017 and from her home town of Alamosa to NYC she received a warm and much deserved reception in every venue she and her band visited.