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M.Y. ! (Mafalda Yohanna) was the youngest singer-guitarist in Luxembourg. (6 years old)

- Now 7 years old -

She plays guitar,bass,keyboards and darbouka !

She begins to be known as an artist in Luxembourg

(1st concert playing alone -guitar/voice when she was 6 years & 5 months old ! )

She sings her own version of the late - & celebrated everywhere in the world - Serge GAINSBOURG - "La chanson de Prevert". - Last week in France, Jane BIRKIN "made the buzz " with her new album about Gainsbourg's songs. So many new listeners will discover " la chanson de Prévert " & IT'S COOL FOR MAFALDA !! It's going to be a huge success in Europa ! -

She is preparing very special covers of Jean-Jacques GOLDMAN (the best artist in France during 20 years)

Riff COHEN - - she's amazing ! !

and Bob DYLAN - you know him ! -

She was only 18 hours old , having her 1st guitar in hands !! SEE PICTURE HERE :