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"From San Diego California to Saint Petersburg Russia Robert Duane May, also known as Mac May, has made his trade mark as an inquisitive lyrical song writer. With a hunger to be influencel, he engages the streets of San Diego in order to show that the new generation has no need to fall into negative stereotypes. Furthermore; he lives his life to serve as a example of what the Divine Creator can do with a once broken boy. He states, "Be who you are because that's all you can be... but be who you are in Christ." He says families are built with diversity, we all aspire to be Christ like but we are still us. We are not our own but Christ did not call us to loose ourselves in our journey...He calls for us to embrace who we were intended to be.

Mac May was first introduced to rap music by his big brother Bryan McFadden but didn't really start to write music until his cousin Ramsey Carter expressed his lyrical talent. Since Ramsey was his favorite cousin Mac May began to write in order to have an activity to do with him. After stopping music for a few years Mac May's child hood friend Richard Martin renewed Mac May's interest in song writing but Mac May never took it serious. One day after completely being renewed to what God really created us for Mac May realized his life need to be changed. After spending a year isolated because he didn't want to hang in a crowed that opposed the life he was now trying to live, he came to find a friend in Jeremiah Bonds. Even though Jeremiah was in the music industry Mac May wanted nothing to do with it but as Jeremiah played CD after CD of music Mac May had been missing out on in his childhood a flame rose inside and now Mac May has dedicated large amounts of his time to the art of music. After finding a sound of his own Mac May started to make an impact in San Diego and looked to his Friend Jon-Michael to produce WhyHipHop Volume 1 (Skin and Bones)

Mac May created the WhyHipHop brand because he feels that there is too much argument on what is "real hip hop" and that there is not enough focus on doing music because you love it or you want to express a need for positive change. Yes, Mac May likes hip hop and yes he likes Gospel rap but to him they are both one in the same. They both should be filled with genuine thoughts and emotions for they are a means to express what is the center of your life. God could be the center in hip hop and in Gospel rap. A artist that says they are a Christian shouldn't have to say they are a Gospel rap artist in fear of being called "worldly." Likewise; a Gospel rap artist should not have to create music in fear of being called "holier than thou" for they both are tools in a sovereign plan.

WhyHopHop volume 1, Skin and Bones, shows some under the surface thoughts of a artist who once struggled with the thoughts of being forced into a non creative box that was not meant for him; therefore, he takes a stand and asks WHY. He states that people tend to treat music like they treat the Bible as if you are not allowed to ask questions. Mac May encourages for everyone to ask questions but always remember the answer is in the whole text... not just in the New Testament. "