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Robert "Mac" MacKenzie is a singer, musician, poet, essayist, emerging minimalist and slow-life advocate. He speaks, writes and sings in English and in Gaelic. Mac's meandering musical journey as a singer, musician and composer spans more than 30 years taking him through the worlds of rock, blues-rock, folk-rock, folk, roots, Celtic, ethno-Celt, world-beat and traditonal. He is still very active writing and producing original tunes and songs. He has released numerous recordings including: several originally penned Celtic and Ethno-Celt singles featuring the beautifully haunting sound of the Uilleann Pipes, singles featuring the native flute, “The Peace Project: Music For Prayer, Meditation, Movement and Healing,” and an EP recording with the Celtic band “An Realt” (Irish for “The Star”), including the heartwarming title track, “Dancing in the Morning.”