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I'm an informatic + webdesigner + auditor + musician + photographer + book author + translator + et cetera (always important), with a degree in Human Resources Management, my interest in music born around my 10 years old, and since then i learned to play classic guitar, eletric guitar, bass, drums and piano.

When i have free time i play guitar, i make covers, i do my own music (especially lyrics i have tons of lyrics made by me).

Examples of music (type) i play:

  • Eletronic;
  • Techno;
  • Rock;
  • Japanese Rock;
  • Instrumental;
  • Gospel Songs;
  • Dubstep;
  • Metal;
  • Experimental;
  • Ambient
  • Chill

If for some reason you are interested to know more, feel free to contact.

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