From The Lost River Cavemen

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Hailing from the cave-ridden region of western Kentucky, The Lost River Cavemen have been playing their own style of Americana since 2005. Always the innovators, The Lost River Cavemen dig up traditional roots music and shower it with a modern seasoning that will leave your palate tingling.The Cavemen's instrumentation includes upright bass, fiddle, acoustic guitar, and drums, but they are not a bluegrass band; their music has been described as punk-country, neo-folk-rock, and indie-americana, to name a few. The Cavemen's songs seamlessly span the gap between traditional singer/songwriter and modern roots-rock, without giving you that feeling of "isn't this the same song that just played?"

Their live show creates an atmosphere filled with good vibes and the kind of high-energy buzz that makes you want to drink and dance all night. Their songs tell stories of real-life experiences and hardships, as evident in the line "I'm a story-teller, but I don't lie." And while many of their songs have a serious tone, The Cavemen definitely aren't afraid of throwing a little bit of tongue-in-cheek humor into their lyrics with lines like "I never shoot squirrels with shotguns" and "You were naked on the Internet". Their eclectic mix of musical and lyrical styles will keep you on your toes until the end of the performance.

Dedicated believers in the DIY industry model, The Cavemen have toured The United States, written over 40 original songs, and self-released three full-length albums...all without the help of a manager, publicist, or booking agent: something that can only be claimed by a handful of touring bands in the world today. Keep your ear to the ground, because these boys are just getting started.