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We're Living In Pretend, or as we're also known, the collective consciousness of Andrew Lothian and Eli Noll. Hey. We wrote some songs for you, and then we made them into a kick-ass record. Along the way we had some of the most ridiculous musicians we've ever come into contact with lay down their collective consciousness on our songs. The result was something we could have never imagined at the beginning of our journey and we couldn't have come close without their help.

We're going to need your help for this next part. We want to get this record out there, EVERYWHERE. It's FREE. If you like it, give it to somebody else. Burn it. Blog it. Post it. Whatever you can do to spread the love. It's one click to download and it's free, sounds like a pretty risk free situation to us. But the reward will be much, much sweeter. We hope you enjoy these songs as much we enjoyed making them -- they're yours now. So take a listen, come out to a show, hang out, dance, and be happy because life is great when you're Living In Pretend.