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Little Suns are musical collective that simply can’t be placed in any sort of genre - as a task deemed near impossible to try and contain a sound that is larger than life - with influences both near and far; while it may happen to be cliché to say it is safe to say there is no need for comparison but it is virtually impossible. Folk/Pop fusion Little Suns includes John Aaron Cockburn,Robin Meyer-MacLeod, Daniel Grewal, Matt Smith, Liam Smith, Rafael Weinroth- Brown and Duncan Campbell as they combine clarinet, bass, the bouzouki, sax ,uilleann pipes and a union of sounds with the release of Normal Human Feelings on Divergent Records this spring. Produced by Leon Taheny (Owen Pallet, Wooden Sky, Bruce Peninsula) with string arrangements and cello by Raphael Weinroth-Browne - the album brought in guest appearances from Brownman (trumpet), vocals from Tamar Ilana, Evan Runge on the violin and Ross Davison (saxophone, uilleann pipes). Little Suns draw influences from folk music from every corner of the world which is then filtered through each band member’s respective qualities and style giving listeners a western pop audio experience. Effortlessly laced with heavy eastern European influence after John Aaron Cockburn and Robin Meyer -MacLeod ventured off to Romania and Hungary it was there with instruments strapped to their backs that a new sound was created. This musical pilgrimage gave Normal Human Feelings its authentic reverberation. “Being immersed in the culture I was trying to emulate at the time, it gave more realism to and authenticity (to the sound) of what I was trying to create. In general, travel helped expand my worldview,” says John Aaron Cockburn on the musical journey that brought him back to his roots in turn giving life to the Eastern Europe influence that achieves a universal resonance. Over the course of a year producer Leon Taheny tweaked the fusion of sounds to make a cohesive arrangement of songs while emphasizing on the strengths. Other arrangements and lyrics were born more organically and on the fly lending to the worldly sound and majestic vibe that makes up Little Suns. “I would rather let listeners and reviewers classify our music than try to attempt to do it ourselves,” says Cockburn of the eclectic mix of sounds and feelings that makes up Little Sun.