From Lindsay Della Vella

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I have been playing the piano by ear since I was a young child. I've always been writing songs...but up until very recently, was too shy to play for people. Not sure why, I was just kind of weird about it. As I've gotten older, I finally decided to get over it and let people hear my songs.

Since then, my songs have been in independent films, promotional videos and played on internet radio. Even though that's cool, all I really want is for people to enjoy and listen to my songs. It just means a lot to me and makes me feel like I'm contributing something meaningful to this world.

I live in Pa with my husband and 4 young children.

**Please be aware that all of my songs listed here, on the website, youtube or any social media sites are under copyright. If you have a project, and would like to purchase a license to use any of the songs, please feel free to contact me directly.