From Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys

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Bill Monroe once said that to play bluegrass you need a few essential elements: always play it the best you can, play good melodies, keep perfect time, and have good harmonies to really deliver it right. Well, it turns out these ideas transcend the time and place of Bill and his Bluegrass Boys. Still, there was some part of the soul of music that bluegrass unlocked for the rest of us, whether or not they knew at the time how far future generations and musical movements would take it. That's where Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys fall into today's sound spectrum. They are a part of an acoustic revival, combining the soul of Appalachia with the fresh spirit of their own time and place. Wrapped up in the sweet water seas of Michigan, this band is dishing out a rootsy American style of music that gives a big nod to Bill Monroe, shakes hands with Sam Cooke, and boogies to Ella Fitzgerald. They are born out of a 21st century Great Lakes State and are ever evolving into the future to reflect the influence of life on the road and across the country.