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"Long As You're Living" won Linda Kosut a Backstage Bistro.BMI Award and was nominated for two MACnyc awards in the categories Best Female Jazz Vocalist and Best Jazz Album (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs). It is a compilation of known and mostly unknown works by the prolific Oscar Brown Jr. Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times - " 'Long As You're Living' made it to the Jazz Bakery for a one-night presentation. It deserved a far longer run." Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times - "It takes as fine an actor as Brown to do proper justice to his songs. So, it seems altogether fitting that a female cabaret performer, particularly one as gutsy as Linda Kosut, should pay album-length tribute to Brown." Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene - "... a new female jazz singer who commands one’s attention ... a vocal performance which deserves mention" Doug Boynton, Girl Singers - "Ms. Kosut’s deft handling of the variety of material that’s here - from dark and bluesy to lighter material, shows the many facets not only of Mr. Brown’s work - but her own talent. The transitions are seamless, and her way with a lyric makes Mr. Brown’s words come alive."