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The common thread in this collection of songs from folk-rock to jazz standards, from Randy Newman to Dave Frishberg to Rogers & Hart, is Linda's styling, phrasing and emotional connection to the lyrics. A pleasurable and listenable CD. “Her CD [Life is but a dream] is as wonderfully diverse as it is diversely wonderful.” – Don Heckman, L.A. Times reviewer SELECTED AS ONE OF THE TOP CABARET CDs of 2003 - "Linda Kosut's LIFE IS BUT A DREAM - the lady is incredible, the CD a gem!" - Stu Hamstra, "The CD is simply exquisite! Everything about it: vocals, arrangements, and variety. I really can't say enough. Your album is a breath of fresh air from San Francisco!" - Norman Curtis, New York-based BMI songwriter and composer, Oscar Brown Jr.’s music collaborator.