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Creating sounds that borrow from a variety of musical influences from electronic to blues, Light the Deep is the moniker of David Brooks.

David began studying music at the age of 6 and was writing songs shortly after. It wasn't until later that he began seriously writing and producing songs. During his teenage years he often performed concerts in venues like churches or a friend's barn.

In College, David produced and played turntables for a variety of bands before taking on a career in design and development.

It would be six years before he started to write seriously again, taking on the name Fair Flame where he released the song "Soleil" and then Light the Deep as a more permanent moniker.

If there's one thing you need to know about David, it's that he's always preferred a wide range of music. From his constant love of electronic music to more traditional things like classical and blues, and even some other unique styles like Polish Hip Hop, he listens to a lot.

With that in mind, it's often hard to pin down exactly what he sounds like. Sometimes he writes a measure that is true to form "Dubstep", then in the next few seconds mixes in something more ambient or classical. And don't even get him started on how much he loves glitchy, jittery, well-done micro-corrected music or the sound of an old blues guitar.

"Perhaps I'm too indecisive about it all. That's possible," he says. "But to me, I love diversity and making something that's both listenable and challenging. That excites me, and makes me want to bend rules to see what happens."

Take a listen and see what you think. As far as he's concerned, he's just getting started!