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The top 14 songs chosen from 6 albums spanning 10 years makes up this exclusive Noisetrade offering from Lara Landon.

Landon has maintained a steady profile in Christian music for the past ten years by crafting consistently poignant, raw, and soulful songs. Stylistically, the blend of rich vocals and piano-centered production anchors her eclectic blend of tempos, themes and genres. Landon has drawn comparisons ranging from Alicia Keys and Sara Bareilles to Misty Edwards, Sarah Mclachlan and Nicole Nordeman.

"Landon effectively portrays her own love affair with Christ and calls others to the knowledge they are his beloved." - Christianity Today

"Lara Landon stands out for her smoldering vocal style, well-sculpted melodies, and distinctly personal take…" -iTunes

"At the end of the day, (There Is Grace) will touch you in all of your broken places. In its serenity, it will sooth your soul and smooth out the rough spots that you may not even know are still there."


Hi Noisetrade friends,

Here it is... the best of me. This album contains the top songs from the 6 albums I've made these past 10 years since I moved to Nashville in 2005. I chose the songs that I've gotten the most response from as I've played them any and EVERY where- from homeless shelters, rehab centers, and prisons to clubs, coffee shops, house shows, theaters and churches.

My songs are the way I've been able to express the thoughts, questions and feelings that every human faces, particularly as a believer. My prayer is always that since they come straight from my heart and my walk through this life, they will touch your heart and speak to you on your journey through this life. It's my honor to serve you- listener.

Enjoy and share them :)

Peace and Grace,