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Erupting in 1999, these ones administered their bare, bloody hands excavating the bones of the great old one whose short name is Piano-constant, Neo-classically progressive, post-metallic, hardcore maximalism: First and final hierophants of said sub-cult, these ones have dominated by default ever after - a privilege akin like emperor Tuvalu chucking up one’s own trash... In 2007 it withdrew into a visceral chrysalis of internecine perfectionism and crippling anxiety Together mercenary pharmacists, counsellors and hypnotists fought it a guerilla campaign, an eventual and costly victory heralded by apotheosis to states of pure energy - singular, nubile spirit unencumbered by dependency of record label paradigm, flitting through ethereal plane via information highways. Like teams of microphone - wielding seraphim, transcribing its own transmogrification; soon two dekalog, “Ghosts” und “This is Puberty", distils in material and digital vessels; these ones conversed with the birds and traced the courses of the stars in the night sky: Though such auspices are nought-wise unequivocal, this one surmises that by hither cometh ten and two waxings and weanings of the moon, the great work shall be complete.