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Lacey Madison is grew up in Sydney, Australia where she surrounded her self around music, dance and drama.

Lacey has a lot to tell, and she expressess that through her music. She is so honest, vulnerable and sincere when she writes her music so its full of her soul and passion. Lacey's focus is to make her audience feel the way she feels when she writes her songs, so she loves to talk and make friends with people who can share their stories and lacey will write a song that will help to heal them and connect to them. This Sydney Based Singer/SongWriter started in the industry at the age of 3 where she focused on dance up untill the age of 12. She had vocal coaching all through out these years but hadnt taken it seriously untill 2011. Since 2011 lacey is constantly writing and expressing her feelign through poetic phrases.

She is Determined and strives to provide for her friends, family and the people that support her work.