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Recording live at at Awesome, Inc, on Main Street in downtown Lexington, KY, this album features music by members of simple church communities across the region at our annual Christmas Celebration Gathering. Special thanks to Gideon Maki, Hannah Flynn, Diego Vogel, and Dana Vogel for sharing their gifts with us all. Also included is "Lights on My House" also performed that evening as well as "Luke 2:11" recorded during Skate Church the same day when testing out the recording equipment. Enjoy!

The Simple Church Alliance is simple/organic church planting network committed to helping people experience faith in non-traditional, relational communities across the of charge! Simple church communities are led by normal folks, do not own buildings (often meet in homes, parks, cafes, etc), and promote relational Christianity in a way that fosters life-change and genuine life-giving community. You can find out more at We would be happy to help you on the journey!