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Kuya Kano is a musician who originated in the United States who performs Gipsy Flamenco guitar singing in numerous languages including English, Spanish, Tagalog (Philippines) and Italian. Although Kuya Kano began studying and performing music in the United States, his career as a Professional Yachtsman and Merchant Marine took him around the world where his international sound was eventually formulated. His musical style was first influenced around 2003-2004 in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico where a duet known as "Latcho and Andrea" conducted a Gypsy Flamenco performance on the yacht he was working on. From that point on, his passion grew for the Gipsy Flamenco style of guitar. From Mexico, Kuya Kano continued to travel to places like Europe, the Caribbean, Central America, and in Asia. In the Philippines, he was tagged with the name Kuya Kano because of the two words he continuously heard himself being referred by; "Kuya", a Tagalog word defined as respectfully addressing one as "big brother", and "Kano", also Tagalog for referring to a person from the United States.