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Here are a few of the singles I released in 2017, the title song from the award-winning "Heartbreak Is Contagious" EP, AND the first single "Photobooth" from my upcoming EP due out this summer! So you get an early listen!

I've always thought photo booths were so fun and romantic - I guess because they're kind of old-fashioned and there's a little curtain you get to go behind and capture spontaneous moments. The song is about the idea that you can have a moment and the whole imagined future of that moment captured in a flash of light and then it's gone except for the paper and ink.

And it's Free! Or Whatever You Want To Pay! I'm in the midst of fundraising for the EP so any amount is very appreciated! Enjoy! And if you like this taste, you can find more of my music at, iTunes, and Spotify. Also, check out my Patreon (you get to hear the WHOLE ep before anyone else and all kinds of behind the scenes stuff and benefits when you join!) You can find all of this and all the socials at

xo Kris