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"Music to me is more than a career, it's a lifestyle." Unapologetically, unafraid of being persistent Kimisha L. Pierce might not have years on the road and a list of albums to her credit, but what she lacks in traditional experience , she makes up for in her ability to compose melodies at the drop of a hat, or a dime maybe both. Blend together the funk of "Lucy Pearl", a dash the thought provoking soulfulness of "Corrine Bailey Rae", and the Jazz driven Pop of Sara Bareilles, and you have catchy Neo-Soul infused R&B songs that you can't get out of your head. "If I were to give my genre it's own special name, I'd call it 70's singer songwriter soul."

Born & raised in Chicago, Kimisha's mother being a music/piano teacher, encouraged her pursuit of the music industry early on. She began dancing at age of 3, and singing and playing piano at 7. Her interest was sparked after receiving a standing ovation singing a solo in a school pageant. She booked her first gig, singing background vocals for a pop artist, after only her 1st audition, & over the last several years, she's self recorded, written, and arranged her material, all on her own. " I've pretty much always been a chords and playing by ear kinda girl, but I'm always striving to be better, & with help from another mentor Jess Godwin who kills it on the keys, I'm making progress. What I've learned in lessons with her is priceless".

Kimisha's met her manager, mentor and partner in crime Erika K. Watt in the summer of 93', at the Infamous "Avalon" in Chicago. After many drinks, many brain storming sessions, and whole lot of late nights, these two realized that music is in their collective DNA. And many years later, their passion for the industry has never wavered.

"The minute I realized we wanted an existence in the business beyond being fans, that's when I knew we had to be ride or die with this, or go home."

A solo act for now, Kimisha is looking for like minded individuals to round out her sound. The story continues...