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Born and raised in Los Angeles, singer-songwriter Keyrei shares her most intimate experiences of life and love through her music. Her latest album, This Time, is a timeless, beautiful and honest work of art that will surely strike an unforgettable array of emotional chords with listeners of any age. Breathtaking vocal arrangements and uplifting lyrics can be heard throughout the album but this particular collection of live tracks, available only on Noise Trade, is her introduction of stories on stage for the first time since its release in January 2013. Included in the sampler are two cover mashups of Keyrei's original "Flip Town" and her own rendition of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" in Korean, as well as Jessie J.'s "Price Tag" and Train's "Hey, Soul Sister". You can hear all of her original music at www.keyreimusic.com Please go to www.youtube.com/keyreimusic for corresponding live footage from the live sampler and subscribe! If you like what you hear, please share this widget with your friends!