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Being able to share what is on your mind in 4 minutes or less isn’t easy – and lately it hasn’t been for Singer-Songwriter Kevin Stokley either.

What I’ve found with writing over the years, is that it’s a snapshot compiled of all the major points of a story”, says Kevin. “<i style="font-weight: bold;">Sometimes you have to leave stuff out, especially when you’re trying to work in radio-friendly formats.</i>" Although it may seem he is concerned with radio play, Kevin isn’t shooting for a #1 hit per say. “No, I’m not all about releasing what fits within the genre of Country or Pop – I just want to be honest with my fans and remain true to who I am. If I don’t know it, you won’t catch me singing it.

Over the past year, Kevin has released an array of singles that are hard to define in terms of a genre. “HURT” is a piano ballad that would fit right in with any episode of prime-time television. “American Car” sounds unique sonically, yet touches on a very Country-ish style of writing- that first-time freedom you experience when driving at 16. And there’s no sign of him reverting to what sells.

I think a lot of the songs that are in the works for the upcoming EP are definitely odd subjects. They are portraits of character flaws that we all may experience. Alcohol, shutting down bars, heartbreak, setbacks – those are those things I know about. The past year has been a hard one for me personally, so this EP will in a way, allow me to let go of the events of this year, almost as a form of therapy.

Kevin’s latest single, “Anybody Else Says”, written by Nashville writers Lori McKenna, Barry Dean, and Troy Verges, is a love song, unapologetically against the nay-sayers and those who try to tear down the hearts of dreamers. “I think that’s where we’re at in the world. It’s such a poetic song, yet it spits right in the face of those who are always waiting for you to fail. It’s important to keep your independence, so maybe that’s what I’m really singing about here.

“Anybody Else Says” is available everywhere digital music is sold and streamed October 27th.