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Hey guys my name is Kevin and I just wanted to share with everyone who has taken the time to check out this website what God has done in my life and tell you about where he has brought me in my 27 years of life. I grew up as a kid always attending Church and it was pretty much the norm in my house growing up, always went to youth group on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. At the age of 9 I had a very basic understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I knew that Jesus died for my sins but I didn't really know how I was to apply that to my day to day lifestyle and had no idea of how to represent that in my life. So after that I basically just went on living for temporary satisfactions but claimed to be a follower of Christ. I got to high school and felt and emptiness in my life, I felt empty a lot so I began to try to fill the void that had come about. I did what ever I could to try to fill this void which includes: Smoking weed, drinking, excelling in sports, gaining the approval of people. Sometimes these things would make me feel good but they were only temporary things eventually I would feel the emptiness again. But one day while I was at track practice the coach asked me what I was doing that week, and I didn't have anything going on so he asked me to hang out. He was the Young Life leader at my high school which is like a youth group connected to the school in a way. We started hanging out a lot as I started getting more involved with young life and we began bible study eventually. We went through the book of Matthew and I started learning about Jesus’ life. Eventually everything clicked and what my coach had explained to me was I was empty because I was apart from God and the only way to be brought back to him was through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for me on the Cross. I finally realized there was nothing I could do to earn salvation to heaven that it was only by God’s grace and Jesus’ sacrifice that I could get to heaven. This bible study impacted everything in my life and learning about Jesus and how much he loved me wanted to make me change my lifestyle and Glorify him though it. But I was young in the faith and started a relationship with a girl now in the beginning of my senior year. I would give her a lot of my time but still perused a relationship with Christ. After being in that relationship for awhile she came before God and everything else in my life. I began to feel torn about what was happening but I just felt like there wasn't anything I could do to change this. I wanted things to work out with her because I really cared for her but the closer we got the more I felt distant from God. I transferred to Eastern Ky University my sophomore year in college though and started going to a campus ministry called Campus Outreach. When I got involved with this ministry I began getting more connected with God through his word and realized I knew what I needed to do. Which was break things off in this unhealthy consuming relationship, this is a lot easier said then done I realized. I couldn't do it I just was too attached, then after wrestling with what I should do a friend of mine from high school collapsed and died and my whole world changed. I struggled with depression already and when this happened I didn't know how to feel or how to talk about what I was feeling and just began to not deal with anything tough in my life. I stopped thinking of breaking things off and behind the scenes began to get more depressed. I stopped taking my medication for several months and then eventually at the end of the year me and the girl did separate. The suppressed feelings I hadn't dealt with all hit me at once and I prayed that God would take these things away but everyday the pain seemed to get worse and worse. One day I just didn't feel I could take what was going on any longer and attempted suicide. My older brother called me when I was close to death and saved me but ultimately God did not want me to die. After talking with my brother I was admitted into the physch unit of the hospital where I spent 4 days resting my mind and where God began to heal me. 2 weeks later I went to a thing called summer project with my campus ministry where God really moved in my life and showed me that he loved me and cared more for me than any other person could and I could rest in that hope. When I was dealing with depressing thoughts I began to write my thoughts out on paper, this was a healthy way to get out my thoughts. These feelings turned into poems and then turned into songs which is when I started to write lyrics. God has used the music I've made to give people that struggle with depression or feel empty to point them to him and show them that God can work in them as he’s worked in me. I hope that my story has pointed you to God as well! I will continue to Glorify God in everything I do for the rest of my life though music may not be in my future forever but he’s using this for his Glory and I cant wait to see what he does next!