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Kelly Lynn Madison was born in Auburn, IN, with music-loving parents who would often play the guitar and sing in the evenings. It was the perfect environment to fall in love with music and start thinking about songwriting. Kelly began her music career as the female backup vocalist on Dean Tuftin's album "Not So Little Anymore". This experience led to she and Tuftin having the opportunity to open for Sara Evans. Madison then moved to Nashville to become a backup studio vocalist, she is now making a name for herself as a solo artist and songwriter.

Madison creates music and writes songs that she feels people can really make a connection with. Songs that are written from life experiences, happiness and hardship. Kelly's main influences come from classic country, folk and Americana songs that have somehow stayed timeless. You will recognize the deep thought ingrained in Kelly's music, as she prides herself in staying true to her influences. At Madison's shows, you'll experience a lot of energy on stage and carefree spirit as she genuinely has a great time connecting with the audience and sharing her music.

Her first two singles "So Long" and "Man I Thought You Were" were released in June of 2017 by Lamon Records Nashville. "So Long" received the Platinum Award by Airplay Express for most DJ downloads worldwide in . “So Long” also made it to #14 on the AMC chart and #32 on IndieAircheck.

She is currently working on her first album with Southern Skye Records set to make it official debut in Fall 2018. "Let It Go" unplugged and "5th of July" are the first two singles to be released from this album, Open Road.

From Grammy® nominated producer, songwriter, and artist Billy Smiley's (WhiteHeart, Johnny Cash, the Newsboys, Clay Aikens, and Steven Curtis Chapman) opening guitar parts, and with him bringing in mixing engineers Billy Whittington (Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Faith Hill), and adding players who play for artists like Rascal Flatts, Vince Gill, Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban, and Switchfoot, these new songs are the beginning of a new venture into the vulnerable world of her own music.

You will find Kelly’s new music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and elsewhere in the summer/fall of 2018 worldwide.